The HousEEnvest project works on the creation of a financial instrument for an energy rehabilitation of buildings, which aims to active investments worth more than 35 million euros in the region.

60% of the multi-family residential buildings in Extremadura are more than 40 years old, according to a study carried out on the housing stock in the region. Based on this starting point, HousEEnvest project works for the definition of a new financing scheme to cover the existing rehabilitation demand.
In the absence of specific financial products for the rehabilitation of multi-family residential buildings, HousEEnvest arises to facilitate access to financing for buildings built before 1979, when the NBE-CT 79 came into force, a regulation that introduced criteria such as isolation in buildings.

The project, formed by a consortium of 9 partners in which all the key players in the rehabilitation sector are represented (policy makers, public finance companies, demand side associations, the construction sector and companies with technical expertise, legal and economic) is developing a specific guarantee fund for the renovation of these buildings in Extremadura, which will have a combination of innovative tools for standardization, grouping of risks, grouping of investments and risk elimination system that will give security to the financial entities and the communities of owners.

In total, they intend to mobilize investments worth 35 million euros in the region, which will accelerate the replicability of the project, reaching a potential of 113 million euros.

HousEEnvest lasts until 2021 and is a project funded by the research and innovation programme of the European Union Horizon 2020, under grant agreement No. 784986.