From debate to action to scale building renovation.

In this webinar you will see different initiatives, perspectives or solutions with a phone number to call.

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September is a month to start new challenges, look at new opportunities and take action. And this is precisely what the AÚNA project wants to carry out online on September 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (CET), as a culmination of the cycle on demand in rehabilitation. The webinar will be held in Spanish.

The day can be followed openly and without registration from the AÚNA project’s YouTube channel, except for the development of the debates, which will be held privately with a selection of experts in each of the topics that will be addressed in the discussion rooms.

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This time, the perspective of the demand for energy rehabilitation of multi-family buildings is addressed, which, despite being considerably beneficial for neighboring communities, has not yet been consolidated in the rehabilitation.

The webinar will analyze the reality of the demand situation, assuming the errors of the sector and making constructive criticism. Also reframing questions that seemed answered.

And for this, there is nothing like surrounding yourself with those who know the most, a debate where experts from all over the country will present their points of view, their knowledge and their willingness to listen to all attendees.

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The AÚNA Forum is a meeting place between agents involved in financing, construction and energy where all perspectives and interests converge, establishing a unified dialogue around financing the energy rehabilitation of buildings.