Current levels of investment in sustainable energy are not sufficient to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets by 2030. The use of private financing will be increasingly required to make the necessary investments in energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy, in particular in buildings and companies.

The objective of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums (SEI Forums) is to work with national stakeholders to boost large-scale investment and sustainable energy financing. SEI Forums are based on the work of the European Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG).

SEI Forums are organizing a series of events across the EU, this time in Madrid, where different HousEEnvest partners participate as attendees. This round table on energy efficiency financing focused on buildings.
In the first part of the event, ICO, DG ENERGÍA, Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Agenda Diital, IDAE and the Council of Madrid introduce the EE situation in Spain and the advances in the matter, while during the next part the attendees were divided in different sessions, each one focused on different financial alternatives: European structural and investment funds, Renovation of blocks in multi-family apartments, financing through tax reform.

Among the conclusions obtained during the “Renovation of blocks in multi-family apartments” session, in which HousEEnvest project technicians participated, the need for specific measures to increase the confidence of the co-owners in the results of the renovation process and strengthen their will, was the key point of the session about financing the renovation.

Likewise, during the round table the question was raised of what services can be offered to facilitate the process of renovation to the co-owners, agreeing to develop integrated solutions in the form of “one stop shops”, as a solution for this market.