Development of the Smart Specialization Platform on Energy took place on October 10th in Brussels. The participants of the session shared innovative initiatives on energy efficiency. Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX), presented the session “Extremadura case: combining public and private funds to support RIS3”, in which the Director of AGENEX highlighted the European projects Rehabilite, Finerpol, HousEEnvest and Innovate.

HousEEnvest aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a new financing model, defined for the total energy renovation of multi-family housing buildings in Extremadura, which will have a combination of innovative tools for standardization, risk grouping, investment grouping and a system of risk elimination that will give security to financial entities and to communities of owners. This investment financing scheme focuses on a regional market with a potential investment of more than € 35 million and can quickly be replicated in a larger potential market of € 113 million, only taking into account the region.