The project was presented at the thirty-second General Assembly of PYMECON, which was held on Friday, March 29th. The new President of the Federation was also elected: Mr. Juan Manzano Díaz.

The Regional Federation of Small and Medium Companies of Construction and Related Companies of Extremadura (PYMECON) is the most representative business federation of the sector in Extremadura. It is headquartered in the town of Plasencia and has more than 150 affiliated companies.

HousEEnvest aims to create a new financing model for the energy rehabilitation of multifamily houses in our region. The work of PYMECON will be the practical execution of the project. Once an innovative scheme to access financing is developed, Pymecon will work in the different areas that affect the energy efficiency of the dwellings. Thus, it will act in the building envelope, but also in the installation of air conditioning systems, the implementation of renewable energies or the improvement of accessibility, among others.

The benefits of the implementation of measures that positively result in the energy efficiency of houses will be seen in the bill of their owners or tenants who will implement the improvements. A reduction in energy expenditure, taking into account the current prices of gas and electricity, could be very significant in a family budget thanks to the measures undertaken.

In addition, the advantages of the execution of this project extend to other fields, so that it will serve to boost the construction sector, in terms of business and employment; and a reduction in energy consumption is highly positive to reduce pollution.