HousEEnvest project has started with the Kick Off Meeting celebrated today in Mérida. During the meeting, the main objectives and actions of the project have been explained in order to create a new financing model for the energy rehabilitation of multifamily housing in Extremadura, something that will also help to boost the construction sector.

During the meeting, which gathered representatives of the partnership who are participating in HousEEnvest, the foundations of the work that will be carried out over the three years of project execution have been settled.

An innovative financing scheme will be developed for the implementation of a Guarantee Fund, made by created with public investment funds, movement of non-reimbursable grants through the combination of EFSI funds and private participation.

This Fund will allow the technical, economic and viability assessment to the residents associations and the access to financing in advanteageous conditions in front of the current financing offer.

HOUSEENVEST project is comprised of a nine partners consortium: AGENEX – Extremadura Energy Agency, AVANTE- Extremadura Avante Advanced Services to SMEs S.L.U, AFI – International Financial Analysts S.A, General Directorate of Housing -Junta de Extremadura, General Directorate of Energy -Junta de Extremadura, URVIPEXSA, CAF- Associations of LicensedPropertyAdministrators, PYMECON- Building SMEs Federation of Extremadura and ANESE- National Association of Energy Services Companies.

HousEEnvest is the result of two years of work among key institutions of Extremadura region from the energy, economic and building sectors, combined with international resources coming from IEB and EU cooperation programmes.

The project has a total budget of 1,7 M euros, funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement Nº 784986.